What Makes Honey Great?

The bees live their whole life on the sweet stuff, so there must be something to it.  But what makes honey just the way the bees eat it (raw, local and unpasteurized), better than store-bought honey?

  • It can act as an anti-allergen: As long as the honey was made in your area of residence, you are taking desensitizing shot every time you eat it.  

  • It can reduce the severity of sore throats: Honey has antimicrobial properties, and combined with its low surface tension and high viscosity, it coats your throat and can kill some microbes when taken on a spoon.  

  • Wound treatment: Because it has (surprisingly) a low PH level and water content, few bacteria can live in it.  This makes it a good natural method of treating wounds, in particular burns (any beekeeper who has been at it a while will be able to tell you at least one miracle story).  

  • Cold & flu treatment: Due to its other awesome qualities honey can settle the stomach in the case of the flu and shorten the duration of a cold.  

  • It's unfiltered: Since most local beekeepers don't subject their honey to pasteurization or any sort of ultra-filtering process (I do take the bee legs out), the honey contains all sorts of goodies, like pollen and its own mix of beneficial bacteria.