Carpenter Beehouse

"SAVE THE BEES!" Has become a popularised phrase. However, the bees that really need saving are those native to North America. As our native bees do not often live in hives and do not produce honey, they do not receive the same attention that honey bees get. With our novel design, we have created the first Carpenter Beehouse, as opposed to a trap. This piece of wood simply needs to be screwed to a sheltered area with two screws (supplied). 

When a female bee of this solitary species (solitary means a mother bee lives alone and rears her, usually eight, children in solidarity) awakes from hibernation, she searches for a place to lay eggs, in the Carpenter Bee's case, a piece of deadwood in which to drill. The bees prefer untreated softwood, in which they drill a 6 inch tunnel to lay their eggs.

The Carpenter Bee is an extremely efficient pollinator for plants. Supplying a nesting site for them not only saves the bees, but also helps the garden. 

The Carpenter Bee is not very aggressive, and only females have the capability of stinging. The Beehouse is available in both pine and cedar and is made to order.